Pool Water Testing

Pool Water Testing

If you’re after an expert service in the chemical treatment of swimming pool water, then you need look no further.

Here at Waterline Pool Services, our certified pool technicians ensure that your pool is returned to its correct chemical levels in no time, and that this crystal clear condition is maintained through regular treatments if need be.

What most pool owners don’t realise is that DIY chemical treatments can result in unbalanced pH levels. If pH levels are low, the water becomes acidic and therefore corrosive, however if pH levels are too high, alkali forms. This means that the water cannot hold the required level of chlorine and other disinfectants.

When exposed to elements such as suntan lotion, organic debris and UV rays, these levels are particularly vulnerable to change, and your pool water becomes unhygienic for you, your family or your guests to swim in.

Luckily, maintaining the correct government safety standards set by Western Australia’s health department is easy with one quick visit from our pool water testing expert.

Our professional treatments balance your pool water and eliminate contamination from microorganisms and other pollutants. This also helps to preserve your pool’s overall conditions, by preventing the causes of premature grime build up, scaly interior surfaces, clogged filters, and erosion of pipes.

Our company manages this using the latest industrial level technology, which combined with our professional training and experience, achieves a professional and sparkling result every time.

Regular pool water testing saves you time and hassle, so if you are unsure as to whether or not your pool’s chemical water levels meet professional, government standards, then give Waterline Pool Services a call and say goodbye to sore eyes, green water and dangerous bacteria.